No Brexit for F Block!
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On Friday 20th October 2017, as part of our enrichment course, F Block went to visit Europe House in London. Each session consists of several engaging activities. Activities culminated in a debate where we discussed EU-related issues which were most important for us.

Following the referendum result and the start of negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU, this was a great chance for us, as students, to gain critical understanding of the issues arising. We also discussed how things would be different for younger generations rather than the older generations.

We played a game of “EU Bingo” to start us off. This was to give us a general idea of where countries were and the population of them, etcetera. During the game, the first person to win a row of four or a line of four won a mini prize. When I won the line of four I received a Passport to the European Union. Within this passport was an A5 sized poster labelling the countries in Europe and the capital city of that country followed by the accession dates of each country. As amazing it was to win the passport, winning the gold trophy for the whole game had to have been the best feeling!

Whilst this trip was extremely fun, visiting Europe house and seeing parts of London, it expanded my knowledge on Brexit and the potential issues/positives that may arise during and after the process.

Ishika Tugnet (S)