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The French trip to the Opal Coast was full of fun and was action-packed. The hotel we stayed in was called Hôtel du Moulin aux Draps and was situated in a rural area near the little town of Desvres. It was there that we ate our dinner, and sometimes lunch. It was also the place where we did our evening activities, the best of which was the film night. Our itinerary was full of action and very busy. We visited many interesting and thought-provoking places such as: Vimy Ridge, the Etaples military cemetery, and Nausicaa aquarium. My favourite trip was when we visisted La Coupole, a museum that used to be a V2 rocket construction and storage facility during WWII. I found it very educational as it was all in French, allowing us to practise and improve our French. Overall, I enjoyed the French trip, but I would have enjoyed it even more had it not been for the bad weather!

James Slater (T)

The trip to the Opal Coast was very enjoyable even though the rain dampened our moods. The highlights of our trip were the excursion to the WW2 bunker where V2 rockets, aimed at Britain, were made. The bunker definitely opened your eyes to the atrocities of WW2. The chocolaterie was satisfying as we saw the chocolate being made and the talk was very informative. The accommodation was very spacious with room outside, inside and in our dormitories to enjoy ourselves. The food at Moulin aux Draps was delectable, however, portion sizes were relatively small, but this didn’t detract from the tasty food. All excursions gave an opportunity to either learn French or learn about its history and vibrant culture. The trip was a great way to improve French and have a good time.

Luca Cinquini-Steel (T)

We began the journey at 6.30 in the morning and four hours later we were in sunny northern France. By around 5.30pm we had arrived at our charming hotel Moulin aux Draps. We met our animateur called François, who showed us around. After a good night’s sleep, we visited Desvres on a wet Tuesday morning to buy our lunch. In the afternoon we visited an old WWII bunker used by the Nazis to develop rockets. On Wednesday we visited a boulangerie and were shown how to make bread and croissants. We then briefly visited a war memorial that was very moving. On Thursday we visited Le Touquet for some shopping, followed by a chocolaterie with delicious exclusive chocolates. Finally, we visited a goats’ cheese farm and saw how the cheese is made. On Friday morning we packed our bags and stopped at Vimy Ridge, surrounded by craters. We reached Rugby by around 5.30pm. The food was excellent, and it was a very enjoyable trip

Joey Moss (K)

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