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Many of our Upper School Linguists joined us for the Modern Languages’ Society Wine Tasting event on 8th December last term to explore the different wines originating from the countries of the languages we learn at Rugby School. Mr Foulds kindly hosted and presented the wines in Kilbracken House – joined, also, by Mrs Wickes, Mr Jarvis, Dr Parolin, and our French and German speaking assistants Agnes and Beatrice.

The idea was to sample a typical wine from a country of each of the 4 languages on offer at Rugby. Numerous combinations and options were possible, but whites from France and Germany, along with reds from Italy and Spain made the final cut.

Niedermenniger Riesling Kabinett von Kesselstatt 2015

First up was a German Reisling from vineyards between the Saar and Mosel rivers. A dry wine with citrus notes and hints of pear and passion fruit and touch of marzipan were all noted and enjoyed by most.

Cheverny Domaine du Salvard 2016

To showcase French whites, we took from the Loire Valley where Sauvignon Blanc is king. This was a slightly unusual blend of Sauvignon Blanc with 10% Chardonnay. Very different from the Reisling but the majority of students preferred it, with the Chardonnay helping to round off the refreshing lime acidity.

Barbera d'Alba Nadia Curto 2016

We went to Italy next and the famous wine growing regions of Piedmont. This Barbera was excellent value for money (just over 10 pounds), giving a fragrant bouquet and natural sweet fruit on the palate. It did meet with a mixed reception though, with some saying it was the best wine of the evening, whilst others didn't feel that the sweetness of the fruit came through.

Navajas Crianza Rioja 2016

The final wine of the night showcased Spain's most famous wine region. This very typical Rioja was enjoyed by pretty much everyone on the night and was many people's favourite - certainly out of the two reds. A super, vanilla-infused Rioja with vibrant red fruit to support the high-quality oak ageing, this was a very smooth wine to complete the evening.

All in all the evening was a huge success – giving Upper School Linguists and our language teachers a chance to gain insight into different wines and the famous wine growing regions in these European countries.

Amelia Tenant (RB)