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Over the half term, myself and some other German students went on a trip to Vienna, Austria with our exchange partners. It was certainly very nerve wracking to stay in the home of a family you had not previously known at all, but it was even scarier to be in a country where you had to communicate in another language which was not English. However, despite all our doubts, it turned out to be an amazing trip! After a weekend of sightseeing around Vienna’s beautiful streets and learning about their history, we went to our exchange partner’s school called the Theresianum. During the mornings, we shared their classes and although it proved to be difficult following the conversations of native German speakers, we found quite soon that we were able to understand more than we initially thought and as well as this the Viennese were all brilliant in speaking English, so communication was hardly a problem. Everyone in the school was very welcoming and I really enjoyed my stay with my host family. They were delightful and the food was amazing there! We, in turn, brought our exchange partners back with us to Rugby, where they stayed for two weeks. They all settled in well, and hopefully enjoyed there stay here as much as we did there! I would definitely recommend going on an exchange trip to other modern foreign language students since it is an incredible experience and definitely improves your listening and speaking for whichever language(s) you learn.

Rose Wang (B)