Interview with Miss Alonso
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Interview with Miss Alonso

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and your career in education, i.e. previous schools, your own education

Well, in a way, I always need I wanted to become a teacher. In my last year of School, what we call in Spain “Segundo de Bachillerato” and here the XX, I studied Spanish language and literature, English, French, History of Spain, Philosophy, History of Art, Ancient Greek and Latin. Then my life in Salamanca began and I started my first degree on Hispanic linguistics and literature followed by my second degree on English linguistics and literature and straight after my PGCE that made me a qualified teacher to work in Spain, but also all over the world. When I first moved to England, I worked at Teddies and last year I was teaching Spanish at Abingdon School.

2) How do your previous schools compare with Rugby?

I think every school is different. Rugby is such a good school; all my pupils are really motivated towards learning Spanish and that is what every language teacher wants.

3) What sparked your enthusiasm for languages and why would you encourage students to study languages?

Languages give you a whole range of opportunities that can expand to everything. As soon as you have knowledge on something and know another language, you have the tool to express that knowledge in the second language. That’s powerful. You can’t really understand a culture if you can’t get close to its roots, and languages are the means of doing so.

4) Which languages do you specialize in and why?

My two main languages are English and Spanish, the two most spoken languages in the world.

5) Why did you choose to study/work in the UK?

To me, the UK is not only my host country but also my new ‘home’. Teaching is my passion and, in my opinion, the UK counts with one of the best educational systems in Europe.

Miss Alonso