Miss Holroyd Interview
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Miss Holroyd Interview

Interview with Miss Holroyd (Spanish and French)

Tell us a bit about yourse lf and your career in education

I studied at Repton School before completing my undergraduate degree (in French and Spanish) at Durham University. Since then, I have completed my PGCE at Cambridge University and this is my first teaching post. As well as languages, I enjoy singing and playing the cello.

How do your previous schools compare with Rugby?

This is the first school I have taught at but so far I am really enjoying it!

What sparked your enthusiasm for languages and why would you encourage students to study languages? Which languages do you s pecialize in and why?

I had brilliant language teachers at school and so that is where m y passion for languages begun. I would encourage students to pursue languages , as learning and speaking a language gives you so many opportunities. As well as making you more employable, learning a language enables you to learn about different cultures, to travel and make friends in different countries. I specialise in French and Spanish as these are the languages I learned at school. As well as the languages themselves, I am passionate about the music, food and literature these cultures have to offer!

Miss Holroyd